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Default Mgmt Srvr & Internal live update serve

Created: 09 Oct 2012 | 4 comments

Hello guys,

We have SEPM 12.1 running in our network.  Currently we have pointed default management server for definition updates.

Q1 :  Can I have definition updates scheduled to non business hours ?? coz it's grayed out unless I check "use LU server"...

Q2:  Is it feasible to have Internal LU server in our network... Coz we have 200 offsite offices with 1500 clients in total.

Our primary objective is to schedule definition updates in non busienss hours... but we couldn't do it in default mgmt server setting also we have GUP setup in each location.

Incase if we go for intenal LU server ... I can able to schedule... and can I have GUP still in place ??? 

Please suggest the best solution...

Thanks in advance..

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Hi Anishk,

You are probably better off sticking with SEPM and GUPs.  If clients are continuously up-to-date, the delta definition updates they receive should remain very small and not consume bandwidth.  Unfortunately, there is no way to scheule those updates in the current product: they will occur whenever the heartbeat occurs.

If you absolutely need a schedule, then LUA is the solution. However, the files supplied will always be larger than those the SEP and GUP will provide.

Here are a couple of proposed enhancement requests that you may wish to cast a "thumbs up" vote for:

Allow GUPs/clients to pull virus definition updates from the SEPM console server at a fixed time

GUP Definition Schedule

Enable LiveUpdate Administrator 2.x to Create Delta Definitions for SEP Clients

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Giving this topic some more thought - this article may be of interest:

How Big are Current Symantec Endpoint Protection Definitions?

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Mick2009 has the answer for you.

You can't schedule updating of clients when getting updates from the SEPM or from GUPs. Only when using a LiveUpdate server can you use a schedule. (Remember to set the download schedule of the LU server well in advance of the workstation schedule.

Please remember that you will ALWAYS DOWNLOAD FULL DEFINITIONS FROM LiveUpdate server. One way to minimise this impact is to have a LiveUpdate server per site / region. Daisy chaining LU servers is not a good idea.

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If you only want your clients to update during non business hours and your clients stay on overnight you could set your SEPM to only update once a day. If you have your SEPM only run liveupdate between lets say 11 PM and 3 AM then when clients check in the only time they would pull down definitions would be during this time period. If the clients are turned off at night in this scenerio they would update their defs when their machines are turned on in the morning.

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