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Defective software

Created: 18 Jan 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 2 comments
For the last 10 years Symantec has provided a pretty good software product.  Their latest enterprise version of endpoint protection 11.0 is a wholesome failure.  The program has been released with an incredible number of inherent defects.  Based upon Symantecs product support, they appear to be using their customer to complete their beta testing.
Load our product, then when it takes your network down give them a call and they will get to work on reprogramming the piece of junk.
This must be Symantec's newest cost saving routine!! 
Let the customers debug the program!!!!  That way when they call repeatedly because you have shut their servers down, hell try to sell them something else.
What not to purchase??  Symantec's Enterprise Version of Endpoint Protection 11.0

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Happy 2's picture
i also installed this Endpoint defection,
all the pc client slow down.. the support tell me to upgdrade the RAM to 2 GB!!!?!! to al my 70 clients!!
the endpoint is cause very poor performace to the client pc, if you uninstall it its very dificult to install the other anti virus application cause the liveupdate stop to work.
Justme 2's picture

 It sounds like you installed the client with the network threat protection on the domain controller. The manuel sez network threat protection is a firewall. Installing a firewall on your domain controller is not the best idea.