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Define staging dir for Exchange 2010 GRT restore?

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

I have read that for Exchange 2010 restore the full database needs to be staged in local C:\temp.

Is it possible to set or provide staging dir location at the time of restore job creation? I 

Also what does restore to a different location do for the exchange restore job? Does it restore the .edb file to that location?

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The staging area is used for tape based individual mail restores, if your backup was on disk instead of tape then the staging ara is not used.

Yes you can define it during the restore and the path can be customised

If you backup is on disk then during an individual e-mail restore, Backup Exec mounts the copy of the .edb on disk, reads the e-mail out of this mount and writes it into the Exchange server. The mount process needs access to the complete .edb (ann associated files) from  random access storage device (such as a disk)  it cannot mount the edb from a serial access device (such as a tape) so the staging area is used to recover the complete edb from tape so that it can then be mounted to access the e-mail you want to restore. Obviously staging takes a lot longer then the mount process, as such we recommend Exchange GRT backups are performed using disk storage to make restores more efficient.

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As Colin stated if you are restoring from a B2D you dont have to worry about a staging location in addition you can just copy the .edb file to the new location.  To run a duplicate from tape to disk job take a look at this link

Also, check out the following link for information on restoring Exchange data as a flat file.