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Definition size for GUP

Created: 04 Mar 2013 • Updated: 13 Aug 2013 | 8 comments
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What is the actuall Definition size for GUP system when symantec forward on it?

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GUPs will keep full defs as we as incremental. It all depends on your config though

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I would like to tell you there is no separate definition for GUP. there are available onle two types of definition.

1) 32 bit OS definition .

2) 64 bit OS definition.

and these defintion for both I mean or normal system and GUP both.

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Monitor it with this tool. The size is different everyday

SEP Content Distribution Monitor / GUP monitoring tool.

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The SEPM checks for new definitions from a Symantec LiveUpdate Server by default every 4 hours.  Symantec typically releases 1 to 3 sets of Virus and Spyware definitions a day.  If the manager only maintains 3 content revisions of definitions, then a client that has been off for more than a single day will most likely require a full definition package which is usually around 120 MB in size.

If the SEPM is configured to keep 10 content revisions of definitions, then a client can be off up to 3 days before the SEPM will need to send a full package to the client. If the client requests an update within that window, then it would be able to receive a delta package which would only contain the changes that occurred over the last 3 days and the size of which would be significantly smaller.

Refer this article:

How are virus definitions distributed from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?

Chetan Savade
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GUP downloads the definition from SEPM. It can be full definitions or Delta definition, even the size of delta definition depends on how big is the diff between current def on client and SEPM.

You can size of the defs downloaded by GUP in this folder

C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\SharedUpdates

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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Agree with Vikram Kumar.

For the more information check the Mithun comment in attach forum


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Hello All,

If GUP configured first time it received full signature size upto 120-150 MB of size in compress format. When GUP system updated later it receives latest updated defenition in incremental size, in 11.0 it is not more than approx 2 MB of size for evey new revision in a day, for 12.0 it received upto 25-30 MB of size depends what signature have been selected to update like SESM Antiviurs Client, SESM IPS Signature etc. As SEP 12.1 has few more feature like  SONAR etc , so the sizes increases upto 25 MB for each revesion. If not select these signatures only keep to update SEPM 12.1 Antivirus signature Sizes limit minimized not more than 10 MB. So to protect systems with threats recomenced select all signatures in 12.1 Version with some big size incrremental update for GUP.


Ajay Singh