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Defrag Enterprise Vault Server

Created: 14 Feb 2007 • Updated: 20 Oct 2010 | 4 comments
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Anyone have any recommendation of the best way to defrag teh hard drive? my drive is very defragmented and i know that it will take awhile to defrag.

can i use the windows defrag program to do it or do i need something mre robust. also, is there any issues that can arise from running a defrag? do i need to put the server in read-only?

any assistance will be helpful

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Alan M's picture

Defragmenting the EV files should be done carefully and at the very least I would stop the EV services completely before attempting it. I'd even suggest you consider not doing this unless there was a clearly identified performance issue.

Micah Wyenn's picture

I'm not so sure I'd be this paraoid about cab's or dvs's in closed partitions that are aged (as their likelyhood of access during a defrag is questionable), however I would be careful around the indexes. A good tool that's performed well for me in the past is the diskeeper server range of products. They've got a good "set it and forget" real time defragger that should fix most situations. Just be sure to exclude the indexes from the automatic defrags and you should be in good shape.


HonkyTonkHero's picture

I have been using Diskeeper 2010 on our larger file servers so I have decided to use it on the EV server as well. I have the auto defrag enabled on all volumes. The Index volume and the MSMQ volume are only allowed to auto defrag at night during the time the Vault is offline for backups. During that time no writes are occuring on either of those drives so that should keep me from having corrupt indexes and queues.

I just started this today. I will post again in a month or so and let folks know my experience. My vault store volume and index volumes were very fragmented before I started this process. My biggest curiosity is if the Inteliwrite feature will mess with writes to the vault store and Index volumes. Hopefully not!

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I have been using Diskeeper on my EV server for over a month now and I have had no problems. I dont allow the real time protection on the MSMQ and Index volumes while the vault is on-line.