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Delay on backup jobs every 15-20 days .

Created: 26 Jun 2013 | 6 comments
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We have Backup Exec 2010, running on a Windows 2003 Server

We have these backup tasks

backup A (180GB) , twice a week usually takes 4-4,5 hrs.    
backup B (6.5GB) . runs on week days, usually takes 17min
backup C (7.0GB) . every day, usually 11min
backup D (85GB), twice a week, usually takes 2hrs .

every 15 or 20 days we notice that
backup D, takes 15-17 hrs, without showing any error or alarm

and when this happens ..
backup C, takes about 70min
backup B, takes about 90min
and backup A, more or less 35-40 hrs .

we also noticed that SemSvc.exe is more than 500MB when this happens .while it's usually about 250MB .. (there are less than 10 users active on SEP)

if we reboot the server the problem is resolved until another 2 or 3 weeks passes and we have the same issue again .

Any suggestions ?

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tried that, but the problem remained..

after 2-3 days the two 'big' backups lasted for 18 and 40 hours respectively..

I noticed that the one that was going for 18 hours it had about 10gbs done in the first 16,5hrs and backed up the rest 70-75gb in the remaingn 90 mins .. As it has somehow started with a 15-16hr delay ..

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You would need to take a look at your machines and check whether there are other jobs contending for resources.

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...are there any other maintenance tasks taking place on the server in question during the time the backups slow down?

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Maintenance tasks are scheduled at 4:00am

and jobs are normaly finished before 2:30 am..

Only if backup A or D are delayed and finished after 40 or 18 hours respectively (instead of the normal 4 and 2) there is a maintenance task running together with a backup job ..

CraigV's picture no AV scans or anything happening on those 2 servers during the slow backup run?


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