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Delayed Writes and Resource depletion issues after upgrade to EndPoint Protect v11

Created: 12 Jun 2012 | 4 comments

Folks as per our corporate standard, my laptop had to be upgraded to Symantec Endpoint Protection v11.0.6200.754.  Since then I have been experiencing the following issues;

- Delayed write errors after a couple of days of usage

- Corrupted application and system event logs

- Resource isssues (ie failed TCP stack issues due to insufficient resources)

I am not experiencing any disk issues as the event logs show no disk failures or any errors in writing to disk.  I have been able to circumvent the delayed write issue by disabling write-cache on my hard drive (as per an MS workaround), but I am still experience resource issues every couple of days that necessitate a reboot. 

It seems that this issue has been happening to a few of my colleagues and as for others no issues whatsoever.  I saw a few items regarding PGP desktop 10.1 that have been giving delayed write errors (which I happen to have installed as well) but I have never experienced issues until SEP11 was installed on my laptop.  Unfortunately removing the client is not an option as the systems are consistently audited for compliancy

Has anyone else run into these issues.  It is getting somewhat frustrating to having to reboot my system every couple of days.  My laptop is a Lenovo T400 running XP SP3 w/2GB of RAM (if that helps)

Would appreciate any advice/fixes/workarounds regarding this. 

Thank you


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It's always recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

Latest SEP version is SEP 11.0.7200.1147 i.e  RU7 MP2 which was released in April'12

Till date releases.

Chetan Savade
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That doesn't really help as I don't have access to the updated client as deployments are managed internally. What I need to know if there were issues with this current version that I am running as described above.

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Please check your NIC Speed and Duplex configuration, it normally should math the configuration at the switch side, you can provide the IP address of the host to your network administrator to check the configuration, and check if that is the setting you have one the system, a lot of time, duplex mismatch will cause the delayed write to disk issue.

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I am working from a home office and not remotely mapped to any resources on my company network (and working wireless) that would issue a delayed write error. This was never a problem before and just occurred after installing SEP11.