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Delete invalid hosts listed under virtual centers

Created: 16 Apr 2013 | 1 comment


We are using Virtual Machine Management. We've had to rebuild/replace a Vcenter box. I've been able to add the new host to the VMM system but the problem is that the old 'host' machines under the old Vcenter haven't been moved to the new Vcenter box even after a new inventory of the new Vcenter. 

The process used was to add the 'host' machines one at a time, then inventory the 'Vcenter box'. This worked great at the beginning but now even though they've been moved from Vcenter1 to Vcenter2 they don't move.

I can't find anywhere the ability to 'move/delete' VMware host systems from the VMM menu. All we have is 'Add Host/Getting Started' under the 'Action' menu.

Am I the only one that's found this an issue?


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Hello Bill,

This issue seems to be related to Network Discovery. After we move the hosts from one vCenter to another vCenter we will have to perform Network Discovery task on the new vCenter. After successful completion of discovery task hosts will get shown under the new vCenter. And then we will need to execute inventory task on individual hosts to collect the data.

Please find below steps for executing Network Discovery task.

  1.        Go to Home >Discovery and Inventory > Network Discovery
  2.        Go to Available Tasks > Select task which was created for new vCenter. If no Network Discovery task is present for the new vCenter then create a new Network discovery task.
  3.        Select 'Run Now' task.

If old vCenter is not managing any hosts then it can be removed using below steps.

  1. Go to Manage > All Resources.
  2. Search with Name of old vCenter. Right click on the listed old vCenter and Select Delete option.