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yes Albert,

You can do this if you know the right table and schema in which this Note stored.

You can fire back end SQL query/ script to do this . I am here giving one eg. for your ref.

If you wanted to delete all notes table and its contents the below query will help you.

Her EXAMPLE is table(Note table)


You need to studey the your DB and its table and prepare one SQL query to perform your task.

 your concern complicated but possible to achieve.'s picture

Need to be extremely careful or running SQL behind the scenes. From a pure system audit and security reasons this is a no no. The database schema is complicated and any untested (regression) SQL executing could result in severing releationships between tables which will lead to orphaned children sitting somewhere else.

Yes, it can be done, but proceed with caution and test comprehensively.

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Hi All,

I want to delete this from front end.because I am not well aware of data base.


Albert L

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I believe the only way to wipe these is the way that kishorilal outlined, but I would also caution you as pvenkatrao did. This is not advised to muck with the DB information unless you know what you are doing.

The reason (which I think pvenkatrao started to tocuh on) is that this if truly for audit purposes. This is to ensure just like the history, that people can't change information about the incidents inside the system. This ensures that if someone places an important note on an incident (such as remediation notes/results) that it will be preserved from accidental/malicious changes.

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