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delete orphan shortcuts

Created: 07 May 2012 • Updated: 25 Jun 2012 | 7 comments
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Hi Tony

We are using EV 9.0.2

We found some of our users has still old shortcuts (Pointing to EV-A which has target exchange 2003 ) present in their mailbox ( current mailbox on exchange 2010- EV-B)

I like to delete orphan shortcuts from users mailbox I had set this registry key but it seems that it was not working correctly I like to run the shortcut processing task against few users only but it seems that it scans all users mailbox.

I had run this tool but it only delete duplicate entry from archives but not touch on the user mailbox

Should I delete old shortcuts which is still pointing to EV-A, form users mailbox using this tool or registry key?

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You can run the shortcut processsing task against specific mailboxes manually by right clicking the mailbox archiving task, selcting run now and then selecting 'shortcuut processing' and the relevant mailboxes. The reg key in conjunction with the mauilbox task and a dtrace of the archive task should show you why the shortcuts are deleted or not.

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Also depending on your version of EV you may have an issue with deletions occuring if you do not have storage expiry set up . Without it orphaned shortcuts will not delete. 

You may also need to run a fat orphaned shortcut check to delete all of them...

HKLM\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Agents\OrphanedShortcutCheckType

1 –> Fat mode

and then there is a defect with some versions of EV running Fat orphaned shortcut deletions detailed here:

Lastly, if the shortcuts are from another archive, they may just not delete at all. 

I would suggest using Exchange Mailbox Manager to delete the IPM.Note.EnterpriseVault.Shortcut message class. I would ensure that you no longer have any pending items because it is possible that deleteing those items may result in the loss of them. 

If this helps or someone helped you resolve this, please note the thread accordingly. 

Many thanks and hope this helps,

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Please correct if I am wrong

Orphan shortcuts are those shortcuts which is present on users mailbox but there is no record associates to sql and DVS files If this is correct, then if I had some shortcuts created by previous EV server in the mailbox why it was not treated as an orphan shortcuts.

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Orphaned shortcuts may have a DB entry but not a physical saveset on disk which can occur due to shortcut moves or disk troubles or storage expiry (retention date exceeded)

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Currently shortcuts from a previous installation are not considered 'orphaned' in case the mailbox/archive is in transition and part of a migration scenario that may later fix the legacy shortcuts.



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My belief is as Karl stated and if these are the items you are having an issue with, EV does not have a method to address them at this point in time.

You may want to reach out to a consultant group to see if they can address your issues or perhaps set up a shortcut expiration to delete shortcuts older than XXX months (or whatever) to start to purge the bad out. If you need some percision in cleanup then you may need to reach out to a consultant. If you want to speak to one with our group let me know and I will send someone your way to see what can be done about your issue.

If someone in this thread addressed your concerns.... please flag the proper posting as the solution to enable those offering help to quickly find those that need it. If you have other quesitons or concerns... please let us know so we may continue to help you.

I hope someone did help you though.