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Delete package from Streaming Agent

Created: 12 Mar 2012 | 5 comments

When I uncheck a provisioned package in the Workspace Streaming Console I expect that on the next update on the client with the Streaming Agent the package is removed, but this is not the case. The package remains in the cache of the Streaming Agent and I have to manually remove the package by right clicking on the application in the "My Applications" tab and selecting remove.

Can anybody tell me if there is a better way of doing this, because this is not a very useful method for removing packages from clients.

Thank you in advance

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There are a few ways to do this...

Go to the provision in the console, set an expiration and check the "Uninstall Application on Expiry" box.  The client will then uninstall the package when the expiration time is hit (in the server timezone).

Or use the SLAM (Symantec Layer Activation Management) feature on the client to automatically activate/deactivate layers based on provisions if you want to avoid the penalty of restreaming the package when a different user logs onto the system.

Or push out another package with an asynchronous script that will issue a package removal command for the package you want removed (and remove itself).

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I've tried the SLAM setting in the AppstreamCfg file, but the package doesn't get deactivated when the package isn't provisioned. Or isn't it supposed to work that way?

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The layer will be deactivated the next time the client checks in with the server for provision information.  The server can't push to clients.  However you must also add


to the configuration file if you want these provision activation/deactivation actions to happen at times other than (windows) user logon/logoff.

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Do you have both of these lines uncommented?


I also seem to remember something about having to change the AppStreamUser key when trying this for a layer that was already on the machine.

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Hi mvg2,

when you remove provision for a package on the console, all you are telling the system is to remove entitlement to the package, which means, the user loses privilege to launch the application. The package is left at the end point in case the end point is shared with another user or if you change your mind and let the user use it without additional streaming involved. As ryanmc mentioned above, there are other ways to auto-magically remove package from end point.

Hope this helps.