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Deleted drives have active entry in bptm logs

Created: 07 Nov 2013 • Updated: 08 Nov 2013 | 9 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello experts,

we have 2 LTO4 drives removed from our library and they do not come up in GUI or the vmoprcmd output or any other utility.

But strangely, I can see entry for the same drives in bptm logs of the server having an REQID and ALOCID as well.

Any thought for this?

we are usinng version of the NBU on Linux machine

Below is one entry from the bptm  logs for one drive:

14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> drivename_open: Called with Create 0, file IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.000
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> drivename_checklock: Called
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: DRIVE = IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.000 LOCK = FALSE CURTIME = 1383856857
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: MODE = 2
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: TIME = 1380639995
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: MASTER = <server>
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: SR_KEY = 0 0
14:40:57.348 [27360] <2> report_drives: PATH = nrst0a
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: REQID = -1380109618
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: ALOCID = 6226
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: RBID = {1026B220-2AAB-11E3-A27F-0995D9711E23}
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: NDMP_HOST = <>
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: PID = 8465
14:40:57.349 [27360] <2> report_drives: FILE = /usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/tpreq/drive_IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.000

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Was this your drive? IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.000

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By removed, do you mean physically removed from the library? What process did you follow to remove them from NetBackup?

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If they are still showing I guess there is an entry somewhere in NBDB still.
If you don;t have too many / any other drives - run nbemmcmd -deletealldevices -allrecords
Then reconfigure back any drives you still have

You could perhaps first check the DB. If they are not showing in commands, do this.

/usr/openv/db/bin/nbdb_unload /tmp/db_dump

cd /tmp/db_dump

You should have a load of .dat files ....

grep TD4.000 *dat

Does it appear ?

If so, above commands (nbemmcmd) should splat it, but as mentioned you'll need to configure back any drives/ libraries across the environment.

Possible alternative:

Try deleteing the drive with tpconfig using the drivename.
I think vmglob has a delete option - you coud try that as well.

Regards,  Martin
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although it shd consider at final suggested above,if u have only few drives delete the drives and reconfigure . (shrt cut wink

eg: tpconfig.exe -delete -drive 0

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An output of tpconfig -d and scan from volmgr/bin would help us understand what you have running.

If NBU is allocating the device it exists and with the name of the device we see it is the default name. So it was probably discoverd by a wizard.

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It sounds like there is an old orphaned bptm process running on the media server that had the drive

Check for bptm processes or bpbrm processes on that media server when nothing should be running

Also do a nbrbutil -dump to see if there are MDS allocations for the drive

A nbrbutil -resetall often hels once you have killed off orphaned bptm / bpbrm processes

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Hi rk1074,

Go to path "/usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/drives" and check if there are any files with similar name of deleted drive entries are still there in this directory.

If yes, then delete those files.

bprdreq -rereadconfig will solve this problem.

If required restart NBU services.




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I cannot run nbemmcmd -deletealldevices -allrecords as I have active backups runnings at this time and cannot afford to  kill them as of now.

I checked  "/usr/openv/netbackup/db/media/drives" and yes there were 2 enties for those removed TD4 drives .

I deleted those two entries and reread  the config.

and vola!!! no more log entry for those TD4 in bptm now.

Thanks OntheRocks and all for ur suggestions

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Nice one ontherocks - hadn't thought of that .... 

Regards,  Martin
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