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Deleting an archive

Created: 30 Apr 2012 • Updated: 27 Sep 2014 | 4 comments

Hi all,

When you delete a mailbox archive, it's status changes to "Marked for deletion". Some time afterwards the archive no longer exits.

- When is this archive really deleted and how can I control this?

- How can I delete and archive inmediatly?

Thanks in advanced.

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RahulG's picture

- When is this archive really deleted and how can I control this?

During the deletion of an archive, EV will attempt to delete all objects associated with the archive and the archive will be removed once all items associated are successfully deleted.Check if there is any error reported in the event log if the deletion takes longer time. The time of deletion depends upon the size of the archive.

- How can I delete and archive inmediatly?

You can delete the archive immediately by directly deleting the entries from the database  but its not recommended to use this option to delete the archive.

JuanAntonio's picture

Thanks RahulG,

Every time a delete an archive it takes hours to be completely removed. Even without having errors. If this is the process, I'll wait.


ianG's picture

I really dont know if this is recommended, or the reason for it, but sometimes a restart of the relevant storage service encourages things along quicker

JesusWept3's picture

sweet jesus! no!
if you HAVE to do it through SQL, simply change the users Archive entry in the "Archive" table to an archivestatus to 4 and restart the storage service

Deleting everything manually through SQL like the Archive, Root, ArchiveFolder, ArchivePoint, Vault, saveset entries etc is an extremely extremely bad idea and should never ever ever be done ever