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deleting files after tape backup job

Created: 09 May 2013 | 2 comments

I am running BE 2012 with all current updates and Hotfixes - with a Quantum superloader 3 LTO5

I  run daily incrementals mOnday through thrusday and fulls through the weekend. I do a B2D then immidiately duplicate to tape -

here is my issue..

my B2D runs to a SAN that resides at the tier 1 level ( 15k drives) for performance reasons - because of the way the SAN deals with space  I need to delete the backup files immidiately after they get run to tape. DLM can't really come into to play because of the time frame files get over written before they get to tape. there appears to be no option in  BE to delete source files when complete in the tape portion of the jobs...

I need a way to delete these files automatically instead of having to do it manually then run a white space clean up on my SAN

any suggestions?

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There is no way to bypass or speed up DLM.

Since you don't want to keep the backup sets on disk for a long period, why don't you just backup straight to tape?

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Thank you for the reply...

I knew that DLM couldn't adjust DLM to the level that they wanted and tried to expalin that to them.( I am a contractor here  brought in to help)

I had explained the situation to the manager and he wanted the question asked here,

After spending many  hours on the phone with support trying to resolve this and other performance issues they had I convinced him that  running straight to tape was the answer he was looking for. Backup Exec had originally set up that way and as they purchased a bunch more storage and  it was believed that the backups would run faster and that when a lot of the performance issues I have been dealing with arose.

once we made the change 99% of their performance issues went away, and backups have been running smoothly since...