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Deleting an item from a migrated collection

Created: 31 Aug 2013 • Updated: 11 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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In EV 10, if an item is stored in a migrated collection, and it is deleted by a user's action or Storage expiry (Let's say there are no OSIS shared pieces) will it be removed and free up space?

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The item marked as deleted and once the number of items in the cab have been deleted the items will be deleted from disk. There is a great article by JesusWept3 about how sparse collections work. I would recommend you give that a read.  (I am on my mobile so not real easy to search for it for you.) 

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When archived items are deleted from Enterprise Vault, the Enterprise Vault Collector does not delete the related saveset files from the collection files. Instead it maintains a count of the number of 'active' saveset files left within the collection file.

If the count of items that still exist in a collection reaches 5% (For EV 2007) or 30% (for EV 8) of the total number of items in the collection, then the collector restores the active saveset files in the collection file back to their original location.

As soon as the restored saveset files are added to a new collection file, this causes the count for original collection file to be set to 0 and thus, the original collection file is deleted.

Detail information can be found in below tech arctical.  

Sparse Collections - How disk space is reclaimed when deleting items stored in a Collections CAB

How do Sparse Collections and the SparseCollectionPercentage setting work?

I hope this helps.

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Just to update that this registry 'SparseCollectionPercentage' (Loction = HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\KVS\Enterprise Vault\Storage) works only for newly created partition after this registry.

For existing parition, it needs to be changes from database (ev directory database \ partition table). Take backup of SQL database & consult with support before making any changes.

If you need any more information then let us know.