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Deleting multiple emails in Enterprise Vault

Created: 09 Aug 2006 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments


I write on behalf of my line manager who is having problems getting rid of unwanted emails from the vault within Enterprise Vault.

He wants to get rid of over 53 thousand items before a certain date. I believe all the items are in one place but he's having trouble getting rid of them. Can anyone help?

Many thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

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Shane Seagreen 2's picture

Will exporting them remove them from the archive too?

Back to the question, assuming you have the delete from the vault button available, can you not select multiple items, and press delete? This is how we do it on my site.

David Messenger 2's picture


he has to do 53,000 items dude! Are you *sure* you still think that's a good idea...? :-)

I think you can now choose whether to leave items in the vault or not during an export (v5.0 SP5?) If not, export the lot, delete the Vault, delete the items you do not want from the PST and then re-crate the vault and re-import it.

Remove the shortcuts using RemoveShortcuts.exe from

Hope this helps a bit


Lee Allison's picture

53,000 items before a certain date? I bet there's a paper shredder involved in this endeavor as well. :^)

Dave has it right, export to pst, kill the archive, clean up the pst, and import the left over mail.