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Deleting old clients

Created: 06 Jul 2011 | 3 comments

I'm assuming that clients that are deleted because they haven't checked into the server would get readded if they come back on the network. Is this assumption correct? I just upgraded to 12.1 and I think some old systems that aren't on the network are using licenses, so wanted to temporarily take that number down to purge them, but don't want to affect any other systems as we have laptops which could be out of the office for a few days. I wouldn't mind them being deleted from the database if there are no issues with them readding themselves when they connect.


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the clients will definitely re-appear in the manager, but depending on how old the client version is and how you have it configured, they may appear back in the Default Group rather than the correct group.

How many clients do you think you have and how many is SEPM telling you you have?

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All systems are on RU6MP3. Right now, Endpoint Status says we have 1096 total endpoints, but licensing status says we have 1249. I'm basically trying to find the descrepancy between the two.

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my Univ is no longer supporting SEP and has provided a new antivirus program suite (Sophos). I am apparently unable to do clear removal of SEP. Can I get a removal tool to accomplish this?