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Deleting Users

Created: 29 Oct 2012 • Updated: 02 Nov 2012 | 1 comment
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Is there any way to delete users from the management console, particularly delete in bulk.

My helpdesk has foolishly logged into computers as the local admin account and registered the user.   I dont want these builtin accounts to have access to the system.

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I don't believe there is an option to administratively select users for unregistration from the management server.  AFAIK, this can onyl be done from the Admin client on the endpoint device itself on an individual (per-machine) basis.  There is another option though...

You could use the "Framework -> Registered Users -> Unregistration" policy  and set it to "Users who do not log on for X days are automatically unregistered" option to get rid of the local admin accounts registered on the endpoints.

Set this to a low threshold and leave it for a while.  Just be careful when using this option, as you don't want to set it so low that you risk unregistering legitimate users.  I'd personally say the default 30days is fairly safe (and accomodates any legitimate users that go on hols), but you know how often your users log on better than I do.  Obviously, this will only have an effect after the clients pick up the new policy, so you'll also need to consider how often your endpoint machines connect to the network if you're planning on reverting the option after the "local admin" users are removed.