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Created: 23 Apr 2014 • Updated: 24 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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Hi All,

I've got a customer who has managed to delete items almost 7 months ago now, but has only just realised they are missing from the archive.

Now I'm not trying to get them back, but I am trying to prove they deleted them.

I've restored a backup of the Vault Store Database from that time and looked in the JournalDelete table (due to length of time, these have been cleared from the live db). I can see the items they deleted and I can see that they are DeletionStatus of 1 which is hard delete and I know DeletionReason 1 is client, but I'm seeing 3 for all the items.

EDIT: Further digging has found this...

deletionstatus 0 – soft delete, not deleted from storage

deletionstatus 1 – hard delete, deleted from storage

deletionreason 0 – none

deletionreason 1 – by user

deletionreason 2 – by expiry

deletionreason 3 – by system

I have deletionstatus 1 and deletionstatus 3. So hard delete and by system. I need to work out why this is. TSM was setup to migrate CAB files to tape for a short period, could it be that these files are no longer available on the tape and thus EV has cleaned them out? Or could it be that AV exclusions are wrong and it's cleaned them out for that reason? Or is it more likely that an admin has run EVSVR in repair mode?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


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im pretty sure if you have the dumpster enabled and the items go past their expiry schedule, then status will always be 3

So the user soft deletes and is recoverable, the item remains on storage: deletion status = 1
Then the Dumpster period goes past and EV removes the DVS/DVSSP/DVSCC and SQL Records, and its the system at that point doing that, so deletion status = 3

Will look in to it a little futher, but i'm absolutely positive thats what it is

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Thanks JW!

Unfortunaltly it's so long ago that we only keep the monthly full, it would have been interesting to see how this tables changes.

I look forward to hearing more, thanks for the help with this.

Just to clarify your saying

User deletes, remains in dumpster

deletionstatus 0 – soft delete, not deleted from storage

deletionreason 1 – by user

Dumpster expiered

deletionstatus 1 – hard delete, deleted from storage

deletionreason 3 – by system

Many Thanks


Chris Colden