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Dell 980 PreOS template for Intel?

Created: 18 Jul 2010 • Updated: 23 Aug 2010 | 5 comments
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We have Dell 980's in our office that we are trying to back up using the Ghost Console. We have tried upgrading the client to 2269 and we have also added the drivers into the WinPE. The problem is that we can not pick the driver in the "Network settings when using Virtual Partition". Is there anyway that we can make a template for the Intel 82578DM? We have  the "Unknown PCI identifiers: 32902:4335" under the suggested template option. 


(Let me know if you need any other information)

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Dilip P S's picture

Try downloading the intel driver from following location:

The drivers isted are in ready to use form. All you need to do is to download and unzip them.

Once this is done.....Open Ghost Boot Wizard->Select WinPE->Highlight WinPE->Edit->Add New Driver->Browse---point to the unzipped folder->Give a friendly name->Select Applicable OS as vista(For all OS)->Add->Scroll down and put a check mark on the newly added template->Select OK

Done....Try ghosting again...Don't forget to update the result as your next comment. Also, If this resolves your issue, You are advised to mark the helpful comment as solution

Dilip Sebastian

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Hi Cole,

Since you have said you have added the drivers to the WinPE boot package, could you please verify which Operating System drivers you added for Intel 82578DM. As per the requirement of Ghost we would need to add the VISTA drivers for Intel 82578DM in the WinPE boot package. 

The following link should give you a better understanding of why we should use the VISTA drivers even though we try to Ghost other operating system.

If you have not added the VISTA drivers, then please download the link that is given below and add it to the WinPE package and make sure you select only VISTA under the "Applicable OS" section.

You could leave the Virtual Partition PreOS as WinPE if you have added the drivers to it. The template below that could be left at whatever it is cause that has no importance while using WinPE. It is used only when we use PC DOS as our PreOS.

Hope this helps !


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The driver I downloaded was corrupted, I got the new one and it seems to work fine now. 

Thank you Venkatanathan. I didn't know about the PreOS and the driver selection. That was the major problem I seemed to have. 

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Hi All,

Just a quick question with regards to creating a WinPe boot disk as it's my first time dealing with this option.

I understand how to add the drivers and what not, I just get confused with the following screens. Are there any options I need to select after clicking next.

For multicasting which of the following options allows that:
"Standard Ghost Boot Disk"
"Console Boot Partition"
"TCP/IP Network Boot Image"
"TCP/IP Network Ghost Client Boot Image"

Then what would be needed in the Client settings?

I use Ghostcast Server directly and not so much the Console.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!

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After adding the drivers you can select STANDARD GHOST BOOT DISK if you are going to create a standard boot disk.
Client settings screen and other screens you can select.
In the IP settings you can select DHCP if your machine is going to get the IP address if not you can choose Static Ip address and enter the IP address.
Select a CD/DVD option or USB disk according to your need.


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