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Dell DUP Linux mount.cifs Version

Created: 25 Jun 2009 • Updated: 03 Jun 2010 | 2 comments

I am trying to get my Deployment Solution to work with ntlm v2. On a generic Linux boot disk a "mount.cifs -V" gives version 1.9. On the Dell DUP Linux disk "mount.cifs -V" gives 1.5. This is important because in 1.9 I can use the sec=ntlmv2 option to connect to my Deployment Solution. Does anyone have any answers as to how I can resolve this issue?


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eorme's picture

There are a few options here:

1) Try using Dell Linux instead of Dell DUP linux to apply the DUP.  Many of the DUPs won't work, but some probably will.
2) If you have a lot of Linux knowledge you could upgrade samba within the preboot.  Not for newbies.
3) Don't use ntlmv2.  I know this sounds obvious, but it may be an option.  Windows Server 2008 R2 ( and vista) require ntlmv2 by default (I think), but this can be disabled by launching secpol.msc, go to "Security Options" then find "Network Security ->LAN Manager authentication level." then change to "LM and NTLM.

Good luck,

darkdragn's picture

Within my command, ntlmv2 is a requirement for all servers. Therefore i would like to ask the format of the compressed rootfs, to update samba. The only thing i really have any experence with updating, that might be relevant to this, is a squashfs of a livecd. Would the process be in any way similar? The main reason being that using lm/ntlm is simply not an option for any naval command. An updated linux preboot environment would be prefered, however if the alterations must be made manually please provide the required information along with an updated version of the asmbmount executable (I'm not sure if it is to be considered a script, or a compiled executable. An attempt at reading with a linux based command line text editor displayed garbled text, so i can only assume an executable) that has had a security option made avaliable.

After viewing the syntax of the asmbmount command, it would probably be best if the security option was made available before //server/share. That way the Deployment Console/PXE Boot Disc Creator itself would not have to be altered, and instead when the mount points are specified in the boot disc creation process, depending on the syntax decided upon by your department, the command can simply be modified from the current ' //server/share /mnt/$mountPoint ' to ' -s ntlmv2 //server/share /mnt/$mountPoint '

My apologies if I over stepped any boundries, please make the reply as soon as possible. My command is in an almost dependent need of this resolution.

(EDIT: The more i think about it, the more i wonder is the rootfs file is just a dd image with an ext2 or ext3 format, sorry for not noticing sooner.)