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Dell PowerVault TL2000 + Tapes and Backup Routine

Created: 31 Jul 2013 | 6 comments

Hi Guys, i was wondering if anyone can help.  I have inheritated a Dell PowerVault TL2000 which i intend to use for backup through Backup Exec.  Can anyone help me out with what tapes to buy and how many?  What backup routine would best suit etc?

I have about 800gb to backup.  I was thinking a full back up held for 2 weeks along with daily incrementals.  Any help would be appreicated.  Thanks

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Do you have a LTO 6 tape drive with this? but tapes which are compatible for this format

Native capacity of  a LTO 6 drive is 2.5 TB so make calculate how much you need for saving 2 weekly backups and 10 daily incrementals

Backup setup which best suits is

Weekly full 

Daily incremental

Protect the tapes for 2 weeks

Overwrite the tapes in the 3rd week 

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I think the tapes are lto4.

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Native capacity of an LTO 4 is 800 GB

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thanks how many tapes would i require in the library?  to hold a full backup every week for 2 weeks and a daily incrementle.

I really appreciate your help.

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This need testing

You can test it to a disk storage

You need to test how much data is backed up in full lets say 100 GB

You need to test how much data incremental backup backs up  daily , lets say 10 GB per day = 50 GB in a week

so in a week you need 100 + 50 = 150 GB and for 2 week you will need 300 GB of tape storage

so if you have an LTO 4 1 800 GB Tape is enough 

if the data is 3000 GB then 4 tapes approx (3000/800=3.75)

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How long will you hold your daily INCR? Will they run 6 days a week, or only work days (4 days)?

You'd need 2 Daily Full tapes. Your INCR tape requirements would depend on how many times you run the INCR job. If 6x, then 12 tapes. If 5x, then 10 tapes etc.

I honestly never left tapes in the autoloaders/libraries unless they were going to be used for a specific backup. I always removed them. If your library can take the # of tapes you require, and you want to leave them in, then do so.


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