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Deploy endpoint agent via GPO? Not startup script.

Created: 24 Mar 2013 • Updated: 24 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

I have already seen the Symantec page that shows how to deploy using an AD startup script GPO. However I'm wondering why they suggest a startup script rather than GPO Software Installation with advanced option to use the transform?
Is there any reason a Software Installation GPO for the endpoint agent msi file plus transform will not work properly? It seems like it would be easier and will natively install only once without any of the extra hacks that are needed to prevent a startup script from reinstalling the agent on every restart of the PC.
A software installation GPO will also support some options that installing via startup script will not such as future upgrades as well as uninstalling by simply removing the policy.

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I see the links and they all refer to using startup scripts.

I was able to create a transform file with the endpoint server IP address using the instructions, but the instructions ignore using an uninstall password.  Is there some way to add an uninstall password to the automatic deployment in a way that would not save a plain text password in any file accessible to users?

It is version 11.6.2.

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Hi netuser,

Can u explian what exactly u are looking for . What u wanted to know,
If u wanted to uninstall agents with startup script and with uninstall password then u can do this by creating some script with embedded uninstalltion password.

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I am trying to do this without startup scripts.  In the title I wrote "Not statup script."

I wanted to have all the customizstions and uninstall password in the transform file so I can use an active directiory software installation GPO instead.

Is it possible to modify the transform in Orca so uninstallation password is included?  If so, I'm looking for how to do that.