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Deploy Google Chrome Enterprise with Default Preferences

Created: 24 Apr 2014 | 2 comments

Anyone had experience pushing out Google Chrome Enterprise along with the master_preferences file and maybe even adding an extension or two?  The Chrome for Business webpages don't go into enough detail on how to actually get certain things done.

For example, it says that the master_preferences file should be in the same directory where Chrome.exe is after it's installed from the MSI but doesn't say how to do this.  I could just create a sequential software delivery job (or its equivalent in ITMS 7.1) to copy in the file but think the more elegant approach would be to add the master_preferences file into the MSI so it gets copied in during the install.  Would appreciate any suggestions on what I should use to get this latter option done.

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As its best peactice not to modify an msi directly, I personally would create a mst that adds the file into the installdir.

Another method would be to add either a run script task to the msd or a copy file task to the msd (this will most likely require the ds plugin to be installed first though as it is a ds task).

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I create a pckage in Symantec as a Software Update with the Dependency that it updates the Google Chrome Software Release that just copies a master preferencs file into the Chrome application directory.

I use a "> %ERRORLEVEL%.log.txt" at the end of the copy command so I can then put in a detection rule for 0.txt as part fo the Software Update.

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