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Deploy an image from package server without task service

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 15 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Is it possible to image client systems from a package server that does not have task service installed? I know that task and package have to be together to make a deployment server but are they referring to deployment servers as PXE servers or deployment servers as imaging servers? Site A has Task & package(SRVR2K8R2) and can image at Site A and any other site assigned to it but WAN links slow the image process down greatly. Site B has a package server(Vista, no IIS) to handle day to day updates at Site B and isnt assigned any other sites to manage. If I select a client at B to be reimaged will Site A Server task the Site B Package server to deliver the image or will it still go across the WAN link? There are two reasons I have it this way. I dont have the money to buy every site an actual server and secondly I do not want to install IIS on a workstation if not needed.

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No, but this may change in 7.5.

Not only does the local server need to have the Deployment Task Server components installed but so does any Task Server that the computer's task agent might connect to.

There's more explanation here:

"Best Practice: Managing Task Server Communications in 7.0 and 7.1"

There's a list of useful articles here:

"Commonly Used Articles for Deployment Solution 7.x (updated November 2012)"

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If you tell a computer at Site B to boot to WinPE and image itself, it will boot to Site A and image across the WAN, pulling the files from Site A.  You should install IIS at Site B if you need to image at Site B, then install task services and deployment task handlers.  Ensure the Vista system has sufficient disk space for holding all the image resources.

You should calculate the cost of imaging without a site server to the cost of imaging with a site server on-site and present it as part of your request to management for low-cost imaging servers for each site.

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