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Deploy Symantec from SEP Manager 12.1.4013.4013 in win 2012 sometime can't ?

Created: 17 Mar 2014 • Updated: 18 Apr 2014 | 11 comments

Hi All,

I've just recently use SEP manager 12.1.4013 in windows 2012 server, and there are some questions i want to know:

* when i trying to deploy to an client pc and the status is success but in clients list the status is failed (installed failed rolled back) / restart pending status, and the way i solve this issue is just trying to reboot the pc client and try to delete the client add again, redeploy again. But sometimes it takes me around 3/5 times to do that over&over again, and it not occur to all pc just to some pc (whether 32 bit/ 64 bit). Is there anyone have / already facing an issue like me ?

* Is it any related because when the first try deploy via SEP manager the symantec workstation already installed in user pc and not being uninstalled first, but to be honest i already test some pc that not getting deploy via SEP manager and i do step uninstall the ws version and deploy via SEP manager still need multiple adding client & reboot.

* and some AV that got definition update via SEP manager but not get in the clients list SEP manager sometime have an issue firewall malfunctioning and make the users pc network not working, i don't know why that can be happened.

for some pc i test, i also using clean wipe(symantec utility) after uninstall, but still need some multiple reboot, delete & add client again for multiple times.

Hope i can get advice about this.

Thank's a lot & sorry for this question,

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Are you facing problem in new Sep client deployment ?If sep old version client already install why you are not using auto upgrade feature ?

Upgrade clients to SEP 12.1 by Auto upgrade feature

Upgrading clients by using AutoUpgrade in Symantec Endpoint Protection
Article:HOWTO80780  |  Created: 2012-10-24  |  Updated: 2013-10-07  |  Article URL

Troubleshooting client installation failures

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What's the OS of the affected machines?

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Brian, sorry all os client use windows 7 sp1 (some 32 bit / 64bit)

James, sorry i don't know if Symantec Av workstation is same with the Symantec AV from SEP, because before i use Symantec AV SEP Manager, all users installed using Symantec AV workstation from exe installer in each pc's.

I'll look into the autoupgrade feature, and will post something if i came up with something.

Thank's a lot & sorry guys,

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Sorry again, is there any explanation why the users which in client list mark as failed but the AV indicator in his pc taskbar have an update definition only there is no green circle in AV symantec icon.

Thank's a  lot,

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Can you share Error screen shot ?Does you have Disabled windows firewall and UAC ?

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Hi James, the icon its look like in jpg file(with red circle) - > when i check on user pc, the AV got an definition update only seem not integrating with SEP manager (in user pc there's no green circle in Symantec AV)

Thank's a lot,

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Try to delete some problematic client and wait  for next heartbeat setting client will appare or not ?

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yes, i had trying that, but sometime it really such a pain that need to delete client, add again, and also reboot the client pc multiple times. Yesterday i try 1 pc after multiple times add and delete not got any luck, this morning only 2 times i try to add and delete client suddenly it connected.

If using upgrade methods but in client already have same definition and service, is it okay to give a try ? like i told you in previous reply that there are some users just not integrated with the SEP manager but the definition update same as other that integrated.

Thanks a lot & sorry.

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When you have delete sep client on sepm console,it's not reflect automatic ?

You don't need to add manually sep client it's reflect automatic.

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Sorry for the late response, sorry James, but i'm not quite understand with reflect automatic, maybe if you dont mind would you please define it to me .

Thank's and my apologies for this

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It's depend on Heartbeat setting when sep client received heartbeat it's show automatic SEPM console if sep client available in that system..