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deploy the Windows 8

Created: 14 Jun 2013 • Updated: 26 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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I am planning to deploy the window 8 included all the Standard Software.

What the requirement from Start to End to deploy it?

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Wow.  Well, officially, we don't support a native deployment of Windows 8 with either 6.9 or 7.1.  Soooo, the requirements will be possibly some scripting and tweaking to make it work.  We have made it work and there are a couple of KB's on it.  We should have native support for Windows 8 in the next release.

Have you read the KB's that are already out on Windows 8?

Thomas Baird
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This is how we do it:

1. Reboot to PXEx64 - PXE v2.1 works fine

2. Erase Disk

3. Partition Disk

4. Run script to install Windows 8

Script should look similar to this below:

\\YourDeploymentServer\_Deployment\OS\Win8x64PRO\setup.exe /unattend:\\YourDeploymentServer\_Deployment\OS\Win8x64PRO\Unattend_V2.xml

\\YourDeploymentServer\_Deployment\OS\Win8x64PRO - extract your Win8 ISO here

Use M$ MDT to generate your version of Unattend.XML and

put silent install of Altiris Agent into it.

5. Run a script to wait for about 10 minutes

For this we just put a lot of timed pings to

This will fail saying it was stopped by user or timed out. This happens when Windows 8 setup restarts first time. If you don't run the wait script next script interrupts the install.

6. ... And finally Reboot to Production - this make the machines to boot normally and finish off the Windows 8 setup.

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We do it pretty similar to Klim, just copy over the OS source and run it locally from the HD (our production environment is yet DS 6.9, but the same build process I use for Win7 and it works w/o any issues). We also have a PS script that runs application installations locally on the client and the last one is to install the production agent to connect to either SMP or DS 6.9 console.

Note, we do not rely on DeployAnywhere, but have our own detection method on the hardware platform. Although it results in several drivers being duplicate on our storage, it is easy to maintain and in case a specific hardware platform requires a later or tweaked driver (i.e. Lenovo's X1 Carbon), we don't have trouble with conflicts.


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Well, native SOI is quite DS 7.1

Import your sources as "Windows 7 SP1" type but you have to tweak your "sources" folder with an even empty product.ini because DS 7.1 checks existance of this file during import. Make sure the path from where you import is not too deep.

Create an OS License as "Windows 7 SP1".type

Create a task "Install Windows OS" for Windows 8.

Create a task job ... boot to pe ... partition disks .. .copy drivers ... install os...

Some targets for agent polices have to be modified because they do not know Windows 8 yet.

Works like charm.

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I wonder why people still sit on version 6.9?!

Altiris 7.1 is awesome (once you get used to the SilverLight interface and accept its limitations of course)

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Please do NOT reply to this question on this thread.  ;)  There are several reasons to stick with 6.9, and several reasons to leave it behind.  I have done the latter as most on this forum will know, but I acknowledge the former as well.  This is best left for another thread though.  It's been hashed several times!

Thomas Baird
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Everyone here, thanks for this wonderful advice for using Windows 8 SOI.  I will try diligently to get some official information into our KB and/or docs on this in the very near future.

And of course, the ever forthcoming (tongue in cheek intended) version 7.5 will in fact include full Windows 8 support unlike the limited support we have today.  The good news is it's still slated for later this year.  The bad news is we've been there before, so we'll all just wait, right?  And do wonderful threads like this in the mean time.  :D :D   Seriously guys - thanks!!

Thomas Baird
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