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DeployAnywhere Failing

Created: 01 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

I am trying to get DeployAnywhere to properly function however it isn't deploying the LAN NIC drivers into the windows install. It works in the PE environment but not DeployAnywhere. When running /eval I get the following:

Missing critical driver detected :
 PCI ID = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_17DF103C&REV_04
 Desc = @oem4.inf,%e1502nc.devicedesc%;Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection
 Inf Source = Windows InfDirectory
 Inf File =

I have the device driver in the database and under device details says (the driver is from the Driver Recovery CD that comes with the machine:


I read that part of the problem could be that there is another driver in the DB looking for the same ID; is there any way to look what drivers have certain device IDs?

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You can find a driver manifest file in the driver database folder where it lists all the drivers present in the driver database , the format of the driver is as follow as example :


version = 0x2,
    "3Com.EL2000." = {
        class = network,
         drivers = ({
            path = "3Com.EL2000.\\EL2000x.inf",
            devices = {
                0x10b7 = {
                    0x1700 = (-0x1 0x2110b7 0x2010b7 0x3915d4 0x90241695 0xd00f1019 0xd00e1019 0xd00d1019 0xd00c1019 0xd00b1019 0xd00a1019 0xd0091019 0xd0081019 0xd0071019 0xf381019 0x18901019 0x18891019 0x18881019 0x18871019 0x18861019 0x18851019 0x18841019 0x18831019 0x18821019 0x18811019 0x18801019 0x18791019 0x18781019 0x18771019 0x18761019 0x18751019 0x18741019 0x18731019 0x18721019 0x18711019 0x18701019 0x18691019 0x18681019 0x18671019 0x1c03147b 0x1406147b 0x1016147b 0x1015147b 0x1014147b 0x100b147b 0x100a147b 0x1c0217f2 0x17751043 0x173c1043 0x80eb1043 0x1010b7) // """""THESE ARE THE DEVICE ID'S"""""
            os = ("2000" "2003" "2008" "VISTA" "WINDOWS7" "XP"),
            architecture = (X86),
            files = ("EL2000x.inf" "EL2K_2K.sys" "EL2K_CPP.dll" "EL2K_XP.sys" "EL2000.CAT" "oemsetup.inf")


Check above Inside devices section you will find all the applicable device ids;

You can do a simple search with the device id you are looking for in this file.

Also from the NS console UI : Go to settings -> Deployment -> Driver management -> DeployAnywhere tab and in 'search' box enter device id .

You can also check if the driver which is available in your database is of same OS for which you are installing the driver.

Yogesh Sadhu.

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Here is the manifest file:
"Intel.e1cexpress." = {
class = network,
drivers = ({
path = "Intel.e1cexpress.\\E1C62x64.INF",
devices = {
0x8086 = {
0x1502 = (-0x1)
os = ("X64_2008_R2" "X64_WINDOWS7"),
architecture = (X86 AMD64),
files = ("E1C62x64.INF" "e1c62x64.sys" "e1c62x64.din" "NicCo36.dll" "NicInstC.dll" "e1cmsg.dll" ""),
warning = file_warning

internal = 0
The device ID for the NIC card is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1502&SUBSYS_17DF103C&REV_04 and this is Win7 x64 I am trying to install on.

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If the correct driver is present in the driver database then it should work.

I guess there is some problem in retargetting of this device , please visit the below link and follow / check option 4 / 5 .

Update your findings.

Yogesh Sadhu.

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The driver to use for the Intel version 18 of this NIC and use the NDIS2 64 bit driver.(Attached)

AttachmentSize 2.18 MB
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You can try running the "/eval" with "/ddb" switch,which will also look for the missing drivers in DriversDB,Thereby we will be able to confirm whether the correct driver has been added to the DriversDB.
Furthermore,Check the DA_log.txt available in the Task handler\ghost\(x86 or x64) folder before the sytem is restarted.
If you find anything like driver is not signed in the DA_log.txt,then check the article :