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DeployAnywhere not adding Lenovo T430's Ethernet Driver

Created: 11 Jun 2012 | 2 comments

Good day,

I'm building the drivers for the Lenovo T430 (2355HFU) and am testing the laptop with our base image job.  Our base image job employs DeployAnywhere to inject the Ethernet drivers, so it can continue with the rest of the image process.

Our job deploys the image to the T430 successfully, but it never re-connects back to the Deployment Console (6.9 SP4).

Checking the laptop, it shows that the DeployAnywhere job did not inject any driver (Storage or Network) to the laptop.  I've double-checked and I have the correct driver added to DeployAnywhere from Lenovo's website.

We've had a similar issue with the Dell e6220, but with the e6220 we found it would inject the driver correctly (coincidentally, same Ethernet card Intel 82579LM) if we disabled wireless.  Unfortunately, I do not see the same option in the T430 BIOS that allows us to diable the wireless to test.

If anyone could provide any assistance with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Jay B.

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yogeshsadhu's picture

When you say DeployAnywhere does not inject any driver , here are you checking for drives in C:\Drivers directory , You have mentioned DeployAnywhere has not applied driver for Storage and network , so does that mean you see a BSOD at your client , if you don't see a BSOD and if client machine has rebooted to the operating system in that case OS has found a matching storage driver in the windows.

If the network driver has not applied then i would like to see the driver , if possible can you upload a network driver (Driver's INF file will be sufficient) ;

Yogesh Sadhu.

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BBC's picture

Hi Jay,

I have not had a T430 in my hands yet, but if it is similar to other Lenovo laptops, it should have a hardware switch somewhere at the case to disable the WLAN adapter. As an alternative, have you removed it from the boot device list in the BIOS?


PS: Yogesh, if Windows 7 is deployed and - I have to assume another sysprep build - it does not necessearly have run run into a BSOD as Win7 comes with lots of drivers natively.