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Deploying Clients "Network Path was not found"

Created: 06 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
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Trying to deploy to an XP machine with firewall disabled and no other av/firewall software installed. I get this message. Any ideas?

On an unrelated note: Trying to remove Symantec Client Security off a machine, it crashed. I now have no uninstall option. What can I do to remove it without reinstalling it?

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i have the same problem on some of windows XP SP3 & vista SP1 machine.


i got the "the network path was not found" error msg when i deploy a vista ulimate SP1 PC


can anyone help ?

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If file sharing enabled on the client machine? If not enable it. Is the target member of a domain or workgroup? If not try making the machine a member of the domain or WG.

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and with file sharing check for administrative shares availability on the machines.

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I'm also having this issue - "Netowrk path not found" after authenticating with a domain administrator username and password.


There are a number of questions I have that dont seem to be covered in any help or forum topic, as this must be one of the most basic and most used features of end point I thought it would have a lengthier discussion in the manual.


1 - What shares have to be accessible from the client machine..? Obviously all these client machines are being used by people that do not have administrator access.

2 - Do client machines need to be logged on or just at the login screen

3 - Do client machines have to be logged on as Administrators

4 - Do client machines have to have any particular combination of simple file sharing on/off, remote assistance etc.

5 - By what process exactly is the deployment wizard attempting to get the installation package from the server to the client and installed.


I have my client package in the same folder as all the other client softwares that are installed when a new machine is added to the network and logs on.


Any help/advice greatly appreciated as I would love to distribute this app centrally rather than travel round the site.



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1. C$

2. Doesn't matter

3. Doesn't matter

4. Simple File Sharing MUST be off - if you can't access C$ with the creds supplied it wont work

5. It copies it to C$\TEMPINST (or similar), then remotely launches the process 


Key points in all this, SIMPLE FILE SHARING must be OFF and ADMIN SHARES must be enabled.  In addition, make sure the GPO "Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network Access: Sharing and Security Model for local accounts" is set to "Classic - ..."


If a blank password is used, the client must be set to allow remote logins with a blank password (Local Policy setting). This can be set under Local Policies > Security Options > Accounts > Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only. 



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All our users is Administrator on there machines and have for security reasons removed the C$ share so people cant go on each others files.


We have therefor for the only solution added Disk$ instead with a script where only domain admins have access.

Is it possible to change inside the remote install that it should use another share to install it with ?