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Deploying SEP 12 from DFS Share

Created: 24 Aug 2012 | 5 comments

We are currently running a trial of SEP 12.1. All is going well, and we really like the product so far. One of our concerns is deploying to our remote sites. So I have couple of questions...

Is it possible to use SEP Manager to deploy our AV from our DFS share?

If so how do i export the isntall package to the new location?

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Thanks for your suggestion Ashish,
Sadly that document doesnt help with my questions.

We would like to deploy our SEP 12 clients from a share on our replicated file system, not the SEP Management server share.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible, and how we would impliment this?

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You can use Push Deployment Wizard to achieve this goal. You can find Push Deployment Wizard located in 2nd ISO named Tools, under the folder you can see Push Deployment Wizard. This tool is allow you to choose packages located somewhere on your computer and send the remote computers that you entered the name,ip or from a list.

In your scenario,you must map DFS share to your computer for example like Z: and browse this location from Push Deployment Wizard and find the package folder containing single setup.exe or an open package containing multiple files with msi files.



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Push Deployment Wizard helps to deploy client software by pushing the client software to remote computers and automatically installing it.

You would need Administrator rights / privileges to the windows domain to which the client computers belong or to the computers themselves, if they are in workgroups.

Push Deployment Wizard is used when installing clients on a Remote Location where you have few systems but the bandwidth between 2 locations is very low and you are unable to install all the clients at one time

Overview of Push Deployment Wizard in Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1


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