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Deployment plan

Created: 26 Jun 2013 • Updated: 26 Jul 2013 | 8 comments
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I am going to deploy one software from altiris, it's approximate size is 100 MB.

6000 systems are in our network.

 how can i plan to deploy it, so there will not come a network issue in picture?

6000 systems are in approx. 50 branches where link size 8MB + and package of the software is in main branch.

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Please revert how to schdeule to deploy the software on all the branches without any network issue?


Sumit G.

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Hi Sumit G,

Your have any Site Servers are configure.

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Hi Sumit G,

Firstly Package/Site server should be configured for different sites

As well you package size is about 100MB make sure it should be transfered in all package servers.

you can deploy it site by site it should not impact on Network bandwidth.

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Sachin- Site server configured.

kalpesh- you mean that i can copied the package on local sites and server will get it from distribution point and deploy on systems.

what the bandwidth use by this process?

what the count of systems choose, i can delpoy in one time which canot more effect on cpu utilization of server?


Sumit G.

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Hi Sumit G,

If its configured the site server, the package automatically copy in site server pleas confirmed setting are configure or not in package which is a try to deploy.

Go to the Manage--> Software--> double click on software which is you install----> click on Package---> double click on Package ---> and select all package server

Please find the attachment for your understanding.

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Please find the attachment of the same.

screen short.docx 149.76 KB
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Hi Sumit,

Software package that you want to deploy should show in Package server-->Software Package catalogue

you need to confirm, and if it shows in package server's software catalogue then client will pick a software from package server, i think it may not impact on you network bandwidth.

NS Server to Package server, package will transfer on configured schedule.Generally we define schedule in Off Buisness hours.

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First, this is not a deployment question.  Deployment Solution is for deployment of images - that is full disk images of an OS, not deployment of software.  As a partner, you should know the difference.

That said, the advice given here is very good.  It's really simple, and if you don't know how to do it I'd suggest a check in Connect for some of the quick guides for Software Delivery.

1) you need a site server in EVERY remote location.  The specific site service needed in each location is Package Server.  Once established, the agent on that site server will have a package server tab and all packages will be up-to-date.

2) you need a package for your software.  Sounds like you have one, but you'll be making a Software Delivery package, and should probably home this in your Software LIbrary.

3) you'll need to assign this package out to your clients with a Software Delivery policy, but schedule it for a future date, preferrably out a week.  This will both allow the package servers to get it and provide time for the clients to download it with no rush. This is kind of an important step.  The schedule tells the package server that it needs to download the package for it's clients, which it doesn't do without an active policy.  By putting the date "out in the future" you take the pressure off getting it all done now, and the bandwidth can be nice and small.  BTW, you can choke how much it can use in communications to the Package Servers.  By making this a policy instead of a task, the package will be downloaded to the clients themselves, further decreasing even local traffic at run-time.

4) once the date of delivery arrives, assuming all the clients have checked in before that, they'll all run the package from their own drive, because the package has come down nice and slowly over time, and is now sitting there locally.

Thomas Baird
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