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Deployment question?

Created: 02 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

We are presently planning SEP for deployment, but ran into an implementation concern.  Since each SEP group only allows one installation configuration, and each configuration seemingly uses a different sylink.xml file, is there a command line vairable that can be passed to the customized setup.exe to specify an alternate sylink.xml file location?  I see this can eb done with sylinkdrop utility, but it would be a preffered method to have the correct file loaded when new PC's/reimaged PC's are deployed.

Anyone run into this problem yet?

Background information:  We are the large/enterprise sized arena; ~15k users, ~70 unique locations, using ZenWorks 7.x on eDirectory.  We are hoping to deploy the client via ZenWorks with various configurations for each of the locations, so maintaining a repository of all the sylink.xml files and selectively variablizing them would be ideal.

Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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Sandeep Cheema's picture
I am afraid that wouldnt be possible and ideal considering the not too peculiar perspective.
However what you could do is to replace the sylink.xml file with the desired one as soon as its deployed.
This would have to be done either through using the sylinkdrop.exe utility which doesnt seem feasible in the large environment here.
What i would suggest is that you build a simple batch file to be deployed through logon script that checks for the address from the sylink.xml and compares it with the desired. In case it doesnt match it  replaces that string with the new address of the server.
This would only be possible once you stop the Symantec management Client Service, The command line for the same would be smc -stop and smc -start.
You may go through the following document as well in case you plan to pull up some other nice trick during installation from logon script.

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