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Deployment Server 6.8: Filter Laptops

Created: 14 Apr 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 2 comments

I wish to use the filter to show just laptops, but there isn't an option for laptop platforms.

I was able to use the model numbers on a few laptops to create a filter, but not all laptops have correctly registered the model number (it is blank).

The Computer Type filed would be ideal, but laptop isn't an option.

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Do a Get Inventory on all your computers, that should bring in the information you need. As long as they are turned on.


Chris Bashlor

Gary_L's picture

I use below query to create collection based on 'battery' and 'acpi'

select Guid from vResource
where Guid in
(select Guid from (SELECT T1.[Class] , T1.[Enumeration] , T0.[Guid]
FROM [vResource] T0
INNER JOIN [Inv_AeX_OS_System_Devices] T1 ON T0.[Guid] = T1.[_ResourceGuid]
WHERE (T1.[Class] = 'battery' AND T1.[Enumeration] = 'acpi'))xxx)