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Deployment Solution Automation environment

Created: 16 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
which Automation we should install in clients for Deployment Solution 7.1 sp2 x86 or x64.
or any one can tell me the procedure of the deployment solution

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After installing SMA/ULM agent on Windows/Linux clients, Go to Settings >  Agents/Plug-ins > Deployment and Migration > Windows (x86)  and turn ON the desired "Deployment Plug-in" policy & check 'Notify user when the task is available' & click 'save changes'. Once clients without Deployment Plug-in are listed in filter of this policy the "Deployment Plug-in for Windows (x86) - Install" policy will roll out on x86 windows client(Also you can manually select the client to install plug-in on it) & respective policies for other variants eg. For x64 windows clients use x64 plug-ins for windows.

Enable 'Deployment Automation Folder' policies so that it is ready to roll out. Once "Deployment Plug-in" is installed on clients then those clients will get listed in filter of 'Deployment Automation Folder' policy & policy will get roll out on those clients.

Above is the option to install automation folder on client but if you don't want to install automation folder yet boot those in automation folder, you can use PXE boot by setting up PXE server. Also you can create a bootable automation CD or USB. To create preboot configurations, Go to Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configuration & add new configurations.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Sachin thanks for you help,

I installed all the plug-in including Deployment Solution Plug-in and also installad automation on client system here is my exect problem.

I creating Image of the Windows 7 Ent 64Bit machine


1. Prepare for Image Capture (to automation)

2. Create Image 

3. Boot to Production

When job fails I restart that client Machine when client restart It boot from automation and start creating image and create image and reboot to production.

and same is for the Image Deployment of Image. (bare matel)

Whin I start the Client machine it starts with PXE and start getting tasks and start deploying image with ghost. when ghos complete image deployment then it stuck there when I close the command prompt console then its start booting the machine in production and system is ready to use, but when I login the machine the machine name do not change as I set in client Configuration task. (the name of master machine retains in this machine)



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If I understand your issue correctly, you mean that you have created an Apply System Configuration task where you have changed the machine name, but after the machine had reboot with the new image, you don't find the machine name changed, right?

You can try creating an Initial deployment job to execute on the Windows client machines, in which you can add all the tasks such as deploying the image, apply system configuration, reboot to production and schedule it for the client machine.

You can refer to the following docuument or the DS User Guide for more information about Initial Deployment.

User Guide is at:

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If I understood you problem correctly, it is 'Name of the deployed client is same as master Image'.  So here I believe it is due to SysPrep is not happening correctly & completely.

You have mentioned above that "When job fails I restart that client Machine when client restart It boot from automation and start creating image and create image and reboot to production."  Since the master image is not syspreped it will have same attributes after deploy operation on other machines.

Please check where the job failed & why? Check sysprep log in C:\windows\debug\netsetup.txt