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Desktop and Laptop Option 7.5 SP1 Doesn't copy file to NUDF

Created: 09 Oct 2013 • Updated: 09 Oct 2013 | 5 comments

Hello Everyone.

I hope that you can help me with this problem.

Im from mexico and i installed DLO 7.5 Sp1 with deduplication and i think that everything is ok but when i install de agent on my desktop y receive this messange and i dont know why.

FAILED to copy to the network user data folder. Error:  Invalid HTTP response received

And the application only backup the files localy and nothing is saved in my network folder.

Do you know what could be the problem. Im triyng to fix it since yesterday.


P.D. Sorry for my bad english.

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I have moved your post to the DLO forum.

Hopefully someone will be able to assist over here....

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Additional to my question i have to say that if i write http://<dedupeserver>:8080 in my internet explorer it shows tomcat page that says tomcat is running but i dont see the message "StoreSmart Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active" but if i write https://<dedupeserver>:8443 i see the message "StoreSmart Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active"

Thank you for your help.

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1. Check whether agent is in offline mode.
2. Are you able to access DLO storage location?
3. Check whether the credentials you provided to create dedupe storage location got expired or changed.
4. Check the dedupe status from Agent machine, where you are facing the issue.
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Thank You Santhosh

1.-  My agent says WORKING ONLINE

2.- If i write http://ip_address:8080 in the desktop that the agent runs IE shows a TOMCAT page i dont know if that action response your question.

And i can access to the NUDF from my desktop.

3.- The credentials never expires.

4.- How can i check the dedupe status?

Additional If i write http://ip_address:8443 in the desktop that the agent runs IE shows "StoreSmart Dedupe Server Status: (20159) Active" I think that messange indicates that is operating without problem.

Really thank you for your help!!

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Please raise a support case as we need to look into logs for this case.