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Desktop Home install caused computer to fail to start and repeatedly restarts

Created: 19 Mar 2011 | 2 comments

I just purchased Desktop Home (PGP Desktop) and installed it.  As it installed it indicated that it would need to reboot and should I do it now or later.  I selected later, and then when I eventually did a restart on the computer things went horribly wrong.

The computer started up very very slowly. Audio also disappeared.  I'm running Windows XP on a very fast computer and it boots quickly.  When I eventually got to the login selection page, I selected my account and then it still took a long time to come up.  As it was coming up, iTunesHelper crapped out, the taskbar was only partially visible and eventually it indicated that a system service (RPC I think) could not be started and the sytem would reboot.  Which eventually it did.

I'm now busy saving my data files using a disk recovery program so that I can scratch load the whole system. 

I'd like to understand what the problem is.

The ironic thing is that I decided to go with Symantec (I already use Norton) since I figured I'd have less trouble with software that was commercially supported and that I wouldn't have to fiddle with constantly.  Particularly for something as important as encryption.

My mistake.

If someone can recommend next steps (other than just rebuild the whole box) I'd really appreciate it. 

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Seems like you could do the regular PGP uininstall via Windows, after booting to Safe Mode.

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The saga continues.  I tried multiple times to get in and get PGP Desktop to be uninstalled, but something about the install screwed up the task bar and so I couldn't get to the Uninstaller.

I hoped that it was just a fluke and that the disk got corrupted and that was what was causing the problem.

I copied all my important data off of the system (a real pain since I hadn't done a backup that recently), using a disk recovery tool, and then tried to let the Windows Disk "repair" the installation.  Still no good.

I ended up having to format my hard drive and install from scratch.

To test if the PGP installer was really the problem, I just reinstalled the program (glutton for punishment apparently).  Had exactly the same behavior.  When the installer prompted me to reboot I selected Yes.  When the machine came back up, it came up very very slowly.  Once I logged in (after a minute or two) I got the "RPC service terminated unexpectedly" and it forced a reboot.  Before installing I did check to see that Client for Microsoft Networks was present (and it was) per the Knowledge Base article indicated by the previous poster.

Googling around for that error just turned up stuff from some worm that was running around in 2003. 

Let's hope that the PGP Desktop zip file wasn't infected with some variant or something (Norton Internet Security 2011 indicated it was good and trusted, but ...)

The only software I installed after rebuilding from my formatted hard drive were device drivers for my motherboard, video card, Norton Internet Security 2011, WinZip 14.5, and the big batch of patches from Microsoft (from WIndows Updater). 

Looks like there is something pretty broken about this software or installer.

I'll see if I can get my money back Monday when I can talk to a person.

I've already lost 12 hours of my weekend on this and it will likely cost me another 12 to get my system back to where it was this morning, so I don't think I'll try again.

Off to format and re-install again ...