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Desktop ini File

Created: 30 Sep 2011 | 6 comments

Hi All

i want to know one thing that after installing Symantec Product in any system ,why Desktop.ini file will appear in the system.after deleting also it apprears on it a virus or Symantec product will generete this autometically....

pls explain

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.ini is information file. OPen it to see if it calls for any executable files.

If it is submit the file to Symantec Security Response.

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thank you for reply

when i open the Desktop Ini file it contained the following lines

i think it is not related to any .exe why it is apprearing again and again
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Hello Balasubramanya,

It sounds to me like the display of Hidden files and folders has been enabled somehow during your product install.  I just tested on my machine by going to Tools > Folder Options > View tab > Hidden files and folders and setting it to "Show hidden files and folders" and 2 desktop.ini files appeared on my desktop (one for my user desktop, one for the "public" or "All Users" desktop.  Simply turn off this option in Folder options and the files will go back to being hidden.

What product installation gave you this result?  I will move this thread to the appropriate forum, as the "Inside Symantec" area is for issues with Symantec Connect, SYMWISE knowledgebase, etc.

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Desktop.ini is a Windows file.  It has nothing to do with Symantec.  See below

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thank you  all for your valuable reply

i am using SEP Manager in one system and the clients on other system,before installing this SEP and clients there was no Desktop.ini files in D,E,F drives ,i checked this by turning on show hidden files in the view menu.but after installing this SEP and clients this files are appearing.

just i want to know whether this SEp and clients product creats these Desktop.ini files or not,and i want to know whether it is a virus

pls let me know

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Desktop.ini is a system file that stores information about customized folders. Coulkd be after installing the SEPM, it did a refresh of the System settings.

It's no virus. You can just hide it or remove it.

Thank you.