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Desktop Policy - RPC/HTTP - Vault Cache & PST Import

Created: 15 Oct 2012 • Updated: 15 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
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I've been testing RPC over HTTP in exchange environment and making sure Enterprise vault works seamless along with it for end users when we roll it out in production.

While testing, I disabled vault cache & PST import via desktop policy in EV as I thought it would be safer for these files / data not to flow over unsecured network or unknown machines.

But to my surprise, no matter test Outlook is connected via TCP (MAPI) or HTTP (RPC/HTTP), vault cache always remains disabled. As soon as I un-check the RPC/HTTP setting in Outlook profile, vault cache shows up again.

Any thoughts how we can make EV smart enough to determine that Outlook is connecting on MAPI and vault cache/PST import should not be disabled?

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When you uncheck Outlook anywhere, and you restart outlook, are you absolutely sure that Outlook Anywhere has not re-enabled itself and can confirm that in the client trace?

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Yep, quiet sure that it doesn't re-enables itself, didn't take client trace during that time though.

But again, the issue is not after un-checking or disabling Outlook anywhere. Issue is when the setting is enabled AND Outlook is connecting over MAPI (traditional RPC) which I confirmed using netstat.

So to quick summarize:

  • Outlook Anywhere Disabled - Vault cache works fine.
  • Outlook Anywhere Enabled - Outlook connecting over HTTP - Vault cache & PST import disabled (As expected)
  • Outlook Anywhere Enabled - Outlook connecting over RPC - Vault Cache & PST Import disabled (not as expected) [Confirmed using netstat that its not using HTTP]

I apologize if I wasn't clear originally.

Thank You


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Outlook Anywhere regardless of HTTP or RPC will always be considered to be RPC over HTTP and will follow what the policy says

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Drats, that's what I was afraid of. Will probably need to weigh security risks around this now. :S

Given vautl cache files are unencryped *.db format of *.pst files, I feel its bit risky to enable vault cache overall.

Would've been nice if EV could've determined the port used and determine policy setting based on that? But I sound too selfish now ;-) LOL

Thank You


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So the answer I was always given numerous time is that Outlook doesn't really give any API for an add-in to determine what kind of connection is being used unfortunately