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Detecting IE9 in DS

Created: 25 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

Do any of you know the best way to detect if IE9 is installed on a PC using DS 6.9 inventory?

Ex: If you right mouse click on a PC, go to properties and then to applications, what is IE9 identified as?

I have several PCs with IE9 and have been unsuccessful in finding a proper way to identify it.

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It should work in a very similar way as it does for IE 10, if you check the "Application Description" Contains Windows Internet Explorer 10 or in your case Windows Internet Explorer 9.

You also want to make sure the inventory information for clients is updated. What I did for IE10 to deploy and detect is an event like this:

1. (default)

Log Off

Copy the MSI

Run the installation

Cleanup and Reboot and grab an updated inventory

2. IE10 already installed <- checks for the above mentioned

Get an updated inventory (!!!) **

drop a message back to the console

**I always have a "Get Inventory" task in any job so I get the most accurrate information on the console and in case the event fails at some point due to i.e. a user having manually uninstalled the app, a second run will then detect the updated information and perform what it's supposed to.