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Detection Checks randomly failing

Created: 06 Aug 2012 • Updated: 17 Oct 2012 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

When the PC's checks in some of the software policies are saying "Failure" on the detection check. There is not 1 particular policy doing it and it seems random on which one is affected.  If I run the task (under application tasks) then the detection turns out fine and says "Detected" as it should.

I've tried uninstalling the agent and reinstalling the agent and the issue comes back. This appears to be on all PC's which is making my compliance reports off as well.

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This may be related...

I'll investigate after lunch...

Failed to execute policy - Java 1.6 Update 31x32 on resource - 82b827a6-edc0-41ca-8054-547be816b23f. Reason: The specified resource don't have SWM plug-in installed or inventory is yet to be updated on the server, Product ad3f5980-d9e9-11d3-a318-0008c7a09198)

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Getting it narrowed down. Apparently using Connect now as a diary..

Full inventory is not running for some reason

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Either way keep us informed of your progress!


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So its not that the PC's arent doing inventory.  I have my 4 test PC's that all ran a full inventory fine. I did re-create the inventory policy and will see how that works tonight.

As for my ongoing issue....

I'm wondering if we are overwhelming the server. We have about 1800 PC's that we are managing.  The PC's are all doing detection checks at the same time.

I've recently had to disable and enable the policies (long story) and so now we have 15-25 policies applied to them. This means that every time the PC's check in (currently set to 1 hour) we have potentially 27,000 detection checks happening.

According to  there may be 2 connections to the IIS for every detection check. Thats 54,000 every hour. Even if i told PC's to only check in every 2 hours or 4 hours then it only puts off the inevitble.

Now, how do I get the PC's to check in at random times? I cant see any setting to say not check in at the top of the hour. Why cant a PC check in and do compliance checks at 3:40 or 3:51 and not have to be 3PM or 4PM?

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I tried my laptop and the detection checks ran and some failed. This was while it was not connected to the network. Symantec has looked over my altiris logs and have been unable to find a solution. They believe it is something on the client side but they cannot figure out what. I've been told by Symantec that detection checks do not report back to the server so it "shouldn't" be an issue with load. Found that the SQL Server Agnet on the SQL box was not running. Set that to Automatic (per our SQL expert in house). That didnt resolve issue. Have rebooted both SQL and SMP boxes.

At this point I have yet to do a repair install or uninstall/instll of Altiris. Since I was not the one who initially did the installs I'm not aware of the risks involved with either.

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Maybe different case here, but if you have several detections active scheduled at the same time, they will block each other and some will fail. We also opened a case with symantec, it is a bug(acknowledged, at least the support we spoke to) and will be changed at some point, so detections will work sequencially and not try parallel computing ;)

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Ok. so this day is finally here. Apparently the fix was in the v4 update. We just did the MP1 update last night and have had no more problems with detection checks. We did run into an issue with our PXE boot but I got that resolved.

Case Closed.