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Detection of Mozilla Firefox

Created: 04 Oct 2013 • Updated: 07 Nov 2013 | 6 comments
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Trying to create a managed delivery of Mozilla Firefox ESR 24.0, but am having trouble with the detection check. I have tried to do a file version check, but am failing. What are you guys doing to detect if it is already installed? Details, details, details... smiley

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HighTower's picture

If you're installing from the MSI why not use the MSI Product Code?

michael cole's picture

ESR should be MSI and any MSI should be MSI detection check. SInce you asked, when I was a customer I packaged it myself because the ESR program wasn't available, i'd still do it though, i am unconvinced of Mozilla's commitment to corporations and Microsoft.

File version checks should still work but will cause issues if you pick a file unchanged between versions.

If you can't get that to work i'm afraid you will have to be the one with the "Details, details, details... smiley

Michael Cole

Principal Business Critical Engineer

Business Critical Services

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Unfortunately, the only MSI I can find for Firefox is from a third party, FrontMotion. Can that be trusted? Should it be trusted to be deployed in a corporate environment?

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See attached for my firefox 17.0.8 detection rule.  Modify for the version you are concerned with.

michael cole's picture

The front motion MSI has been around for years, I used it then decided i wanted to do it myself. Firefox is/was a very simple app to capture. By the time you are able to test and validate it's contents yourself you are already capable of editing an MSI and making your own so it's one of those cases where you have to make that choice yourself. It's a skill worth investing in.

I'm surprised the ESR version is still executable, i thought they went MSI, I'm sorry that's confused us.

There are lots of free tools for basic construction of an MSI if you don't have a copy of the previous Symantec ones.

Honestly, go MSI with Firefox. Tracking them in Altiris is the best way to go.

Michael Cole

Principal Business Critical Engineer

Business Critical Services

wogdog's picture

For some reason the file version check wasnt working for me when I initially tried it. I used the above example changing the verision to the one I was working with, and it did work, so that is what I went with. Right now we arent tracking executions, just installations, so this will work for me. Thanks for the help though.