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Detection Rule problem Altiris v. 7.1

Created: 02 Mar 2012 | 11 comments

hello all,
I have problem with a detection rule. I need to create Registry Key Value detection for a value contains %sapini_copy%.
when i write %sapini_copy% it not working, i was trying  ", ' before % but still not work.
Any ideas?


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If % gives you trouble (thats probably what you suppose it to do) ... why not just check if the registry key contains (not exact match) sapini_copy ... do you think it will make any difference?

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can you tell me how check if the registry key contains (not exact match) sapini_copy.
i got only this options (look ss)

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Registry value: sapini_copy

Match: Substring

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Change the Match from 'Entire String' to 'Substring'

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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i try this "substring" with value %sapini_copy%, sapini_ , and this didnt work

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Somehow i have the feeling you should try:


as Registry key path.

Are you deploying the software to a x64 client?

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no XP, x32.

I don't think so it's a problem with a registry kay , when i write other value that don't have %, the detection rule works fine its seems like Altiris have problem with %

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Just tested with "%test%" and it was detected successfully.

I tested "%test%" with entired string -> detected

I tested "test" with substring -> detected.

As the key is in HKCU, are you executing the policy with the correct "Run As" settings (As the correct user)?

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yes, i run as the current user login, when i try %test% and more words it work, so i think it problem is

because %sapini_copy% is a environment variable, when i try %temp% don't work too.
 any ideas why?

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No clue whats wrong ... for me it works with %temp% and %path% also.

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Hi KMariusz,

We try to reproduce your issue on ITMS 7.1 SP2. What version of ITMS is installed on your environment?(or define your Software Management Solution version)

We able to reproduce your issue only if we put in registry value %Sapini_copy% but in rule we use %sapini_copy%. Do you have both values in same case or you have some difference between registry and rule values.

all next nuances should be met:

1. Detection rule value is case sensitive

2. "Run As" MD policy advanced option setting should be set to "Current logged-on user" (if not Detection rule will try to find this value in another registry hive)