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Detection/Applicability Rules and Multi-Point Version Numbers

Created: 10 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

When comparing version numbers with multiple decimal points, will the operators besides "=" work in detection/applicability rules?  For example, I want to push out a fix for an app only if one of its dll files has a version <=  Would a comparison with "" deem this a higher or lower value compared to ""?  For many version numbers, .10 would be higher than .2 although a straight ASCII comparison would be lower.

Also, say I wanted to deploy the fix only if the dll's version number is  Should leaving the detection rule blank but setting an applicability rule for "version =" work to fire off the software management/delivery job?

I've been trying different detection/applicability rule combos and it seems things aren't working as expected so that's why I'm asking these questions to understand what comparison operators I can and cannot properly use with version numbers that have multiple decimal points.

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Dmitri Dragunov's picture

Hello Clint, is lower than

If you set <= for version in Static File Expression rule for applicability. If will be detected dll file version the installation will not be started. 

If you remove Detection check and version will be not equal as defined in applicability rule, installation of the software will be not started.
But I still strongly recommend you to use some custom detection check, to detect whether the proper version of dll file is installed.
This works for 7.1 SP2
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My experience has been that version rules operate as Dmitri explains.

So, my Flash player rollout job has an Applicability Rule:



File Version

File path: c:\...\FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe

Version type: File Version

Version must be >

So on PCs with older Flash players it's applicable but on my new image test PC with 11.4.402.265 it comes up as not applicable because it evaluates 11.4.402.265 as greater than, i.e. True.

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