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Development Backup Exec.Cloud

Created: 06 May 2013 • Updated: 12 May 2014 | 2 comments
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Hi all,

Looking at the number of forum posts on the Backup Exec.Cloud product, it seems that either no-one is having questions or issues, or that the number of customers is limited..

Is this the main location for discussing questions and information on the product? We have switched to Backup Exec.Cloud for all our customers last year and are waiting for a couple of major improvements:

  • Currently, we cannot backup shares that are DFS replicated. This makes the product unusable on larger networks
  • Network shares cannot be selected for backup. We would need this to backup data stored on NAS devices. Only local drives are supported (don't know about iscsi)

Also on our wishlist is better reporting and possibly intergration with tools like N-able for better MSP monitoring.

Finally, the options to troubleshoot Backup Exec.Cloud related issues ourself is limited. Every problem needs to be fixed by Symantec support which in some cases takes quite some time, thus leaving customers without a working backup.

Where is development of this product heading?

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It definitely seems under developed and in beta which is too bad because the price is better then most.Is there a way to run two backup schedules on one server?  I guess I can do it with schedued jobs on the server but it seems like I shouldn't.

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You should post this as an Idea in the Ideas section which is for suggestions/recommendations for a product.