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The device, \Device\Scsi\adpu3201, did not respond within the timeout period

Created: 01 Jun 2010

Backup Exec with the following error: (Server: "xxx") The device, \Device\Scsi\adpu3201, did not respond within the timeout period. Every once in a while it generated like 500 e-mails with this error. Backup is still running perfectly without any errors what so ever. Mostly we can replicate this error after a reboot of the server or restarting the Backup Exec services. Also you keep getting these alerts in every second.

The basic troubleshooting is:

1> check the scsi device connected and make sure it is plugged properly.
2> RSM service is disabled
3> Try unplugging the scsi device and power cycle the server to see if it still gets the error
4> If you still get the same error then REMOVE ALL THE EVENT VIEWER LOGS.

The reason is that it gets the error stored in the event viewer and keep pulling it from the event viewer.