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The device, \Device\Scsi\symmpi1, did not respond within the timeout period

Created: 19 Nov 2010 • Updated: 04 Mar 2013 | 10 comments
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I am getting the following error whenever I run a job on my BackupExec 12.5 media server:

"The device, \Device\Scsi\symmpi1, did not respond within the timeout period."

My full inventory usually takes 10-15 minutes to complete and gives a display of completion (%), but today it has taken over 30 minutes and still seems to be running. If I try and cancel it, it just sits there saying "Cancel Pending"

I have had a look at a post made by GlenRoetman about the same issue, but the steps supplied by CraigV in reply are all OK on my harware and firmware. I've recently upgraded to the latest drive and library firmware and things worked fine.

I am using an HP AutoLoader 1x8 G2 AutoLoader with LTO2 tapes. The tapes are ones that I have used previously.

I have checked the Event Logs on the server and they show no mention of hardware failure or anything from BackupExec relating to the issue

Any thoughts?


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Have you tried using the HP L&TT utility to test your library?  Make sure that you select the write test and stop the BE services first.

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Check the system log in the event viewer. You may be getting event id 11.

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I have checked the system log in the event viewer and can find no mention of Event ID: 11


I am running the tests now, I will post the result when completed

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This autoloader has a few tricks...

I do not know GlenRoetman post, sorry if a repeat some steps.

What happens when backups are to disk?

I guess RSM is stopped and disabled.

Did you check cables and terminator?

Can you run backups with new tapes?

Verify once again, if you are using Symantec tape drives.





Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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The test failed.


- I will try a backup to disc now and inform you of the result

- RSM is stopped and disabled

- The cables are fully attached and there is a green LED below the adapter (I'm guessing this is the terminator - I'm not too familiar with SCSI cabling, it was installed by a previous employee)

- I cannot run backups to tapes, nor inventory them so BackupExec will fail to see them as "new" and will think they are tapes left in and not changed

- I'm not sure what you mean. Can you please clarify "Symantec tape drives"? I'm running an HP Ultrium LTO2 drive if that helps

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Hi ForzaAW,

If your LTT tests failed, it means a hardware error which you will need to sort out with HP.

Probably look at getting the drive replaced.

I take it your BE services were stopped before running the LTT tests?


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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It says "Ready; No media servers are available" in the status column on the job monitor screen for my backup to disc jobs

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The services were all stopped before running the L&TT test. I loaded a blank tape into the drive using the "Front Panel" option of the Library. I then switched to the drive and ran a read/write test on the tape, confirming that it was OK to overwrite any data on the tape.

After the test failed, I went to check the cabling and saw the following displayed on the screen "1/8 AutoLoader G2   Drive IDLE". I went to get the tapes out and one was missing from the magazine, pressumably stuck in the drive

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That model of autoloader (and I HATE that model of autoloader...I have a number I am looking forward to replacing next year!) is renowned for failures. It is generally the drive itself (with the G1 autoloader failing with the robotics).

You can use LTT to run the Stuck Tape Test. Otherwise, remove the drive, according to the HP TN below...

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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When I tried a tape move using L&TT, if gave me a rewind error. I then went and did it using the navigational menu on the AutoLoader hardware (Operations --> Move Tape --> Source: Drive --> Dest: Slot 1) and this worked.

It looks like it will have to be a drive replacement as HP have said it is no longer covered by warrenty. I'll speak to my IT manager and see what he thinks.

Thanks for all your help