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Device Pool/Backup-to-Disk-Folder errors

Created: 07 Apr 2011 • Updated: 08 Apr 2011 | 4 comments
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Hi all,

I am currently in my 3rd and final year as an IT Student at University, and as part of a project for my final dissertation I am hoping to use Backup Exec 2010 to backup 3 Virtual Machines I have running on a Hyper V Server 2008 R2 Server.  

I have downloaded and installed the trial on a PC running XP Professional SP3 which I plan to use as the Backup server.  However, I am unsure as to where I may actually store the backups, and this is where my main queries lie.  

The PC has 2 Hard Drives in at present - 1x SCSI drive with XP and Symantec installed (~20GB free), the second is an old 120GB IDE drive.  I also have a 200GB partition on a separate Server which I could use.  

In BE, when I go to the Devices tab or try to add a Device Pool, I get an error saying:

"There are no other devices available to be added to this device pool at this time."

Attempting to add a Backup-to-Disk-Folder also gives the same (or similar, I can't quite remember, I will take another look for te exact error tomorrow)

Is there any specific reason why I am unable to do either of these?  I am thinking it is either because it is a trial or I am not using "Enterprise" hardware?

Any help would be extremely appreciated.  

Many thanks,

Karl smiley

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BE in Trial mode should not be a problem here. Could you post the exact error message that you get

while creating the B2D folder.

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Devices can only be added to the Device Pool when the devices are already created. It seem that there are no Backup to disk folder created till now due to which you get that error when adding a device to the Device Pool.

I am not sure if you are performing correct steps to create the Backup to Disk (B2D) folder. Please follow the steps as below:

1) Go to Devices tab in Backup Exec

2) Right click on Backup to Disk folder..... (a window will open)

3) Enter the name of Backup To Disk folder... this name will be shown in Backup Exec

4) Enter the Path of the drive where you want to create the B2D..... (for eg. E:\Backup).. make sure that the backups are stored in a folder on the drive and not on the root of the drive

5) If you are going to run simultaneous jobs to this B2D then increase the Concurrent operations value

6) Let all the settings be default and then click OK

Now you will see the Backup To Disk folder created. Its should also be added to the Device Pool. If its not then click on Add Device Pool and select this B2D.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Be aware if you are trying to create a B2D folder on a share on another machine that you can't do it using a mapped drive letter, you have to do it using \\server\share (UNC style path)

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Thanks for the quick replies everyone.  

Amol - it seems the error was being caused by me jumping the gun and not setting up the folder as Sush directed me to.  

Sush, thanks - that's done it.  

Colin - thanks for that tip - I'll bear it in mind as using a Network-share is an option as it is a larger drive!

Thanks again all, now to move on to the next problem of Hyper-V being seen by BE once and then not being seen again!