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DFSR backup and Accelerator + Archive bit VS Change Journal

Created: 09 Apr 2013


I have some questions regarding DFSR with accelerator and using Archive bit VS Change Journal.

DFSR servers: windows 2008R2

Im just starting to use Netbackup and have setup policys to back up our dfsr servers according to symantec best practise for dfsr servers larger than 50GB.

I have enabled Accelerator for those policys also, the policys run Full backup on fridays and Cumulative incrementals monday-thursday.
The thing is that the Cumulative Incremental backup takes more or less time as the Full backup.
In the job log it seems that accelerator is used "accelerator sent 2241536 bytes out of 299556864 bytes to server, optimization 99.3% "
is this expected behaviour?
also, if i check the size of the Cumulative and the Full in the Activity monitor and in OPS Center, the size of the two backups are the same.

When backing up DFSR data through shadow copy Components, does it matter if you use archve bit or change journal in the client settings? if so, what is the benefits of one or the other?

also, until now, when we used Backup Exec 2010, we have Always used Archive Bit.
Is the Change journal to be prefered, faster? downsides?

in client setting in the Clinet Properties there is a setting to use Change Journal, also, a box where it says "Incrementals" where you can choose "Based on Timestamps" or "Based on Archive Bit".
i i choose use change journal, shall i then choose "based on timestamps" in the "Incrementals" box?

It would be great if someone could explain why you should/would use Change Journal instead of Archive bit (or not use)




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