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dg can be imported on more than one system

Created: 20 Jun 2013 | 6 comments
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I am posting here on behalf of a customer.


Solaris 10  SPARC with SF 6.0.1 Enterprise.

Storage luns are zoned to more than one system to accommodate snapshots, dg split and join.

Customer has found that a regular diskgroup (no CFS, no import with -t) can be imported on a 2nd system while imported and mounted on system 1 - no warning, no error message.

The problem obvious arises when the volumes are mounted and written to with resulting data corruption.

We have not had a chance to try and replicate the exercise in a lab environment.

Is there anybody out there with similar experience?

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This should not be possible as the private region contains the host of the node that has the diskgroup imported, so you should only be able to import on a second node if you use the "-C" flag to clear the host name.  When you deport a diskgroup the hostname is removed from private region so it can be imported elsewhere, so you should only use the -C flag in the case where you know the first node has crashed with diskgroup imported so host never got removed from private region.


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Hi Marianne,

                      Are the hostid in /etc/vx/volboot file same for two nodes (perhaps truncated and rendered same)? I've seen this happen on a private dg with nodes having the same (truncated) hostid on HPUX.

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Mike, that is my understanding as well.

rsharma1, I will ask the customer to check and let us know.


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Hi Everyone,

I have forwarded this post to the customer and asked him to comment directly on the scenario observed and the exact sequence of events.

I know they did mention to me that they were able to reproduce the issue.



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            Did we hear back anything from the customer yet?

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Hi, if it can be reproduced, why not ask CU to repro it and collect the VRTSexplorer for further diagnose?